BA or PO – Business Analyst vs Product Owner – Part 2

One of the artefacts and documents that Business Analyst would produce is Business Requirements Document (BRD) with the purpose of outlining the business needs and objectives of a software development project. There are various templates for a BRD each with its variations of its components:

The following sections are recommended by ReQTest:

  1. A summary statement
  2. Project objectives
  3. Needs statement
  4. Project scope
  5. Financial statements
  6. Functional requirements
  7. Personal needs
  8. Schedule, timeline & deadlines
  9. Assumptions
  10. Cost & Benefit

While the folks at Asana have a different opinion:

  1. Executive summary
  2. Project objectives
  3. Project scope
  4. Business requirements
  5. Key stakeholders
  6. Project constraints
  7. Cost-benefit analysis

BRD Components from Asana blog

At Document360, they listed the following components for a BRD:

  1. Project summary and background
  2. Project scope
  3. Operating model
  4. Project governance
  5. Business process model
  6. Use cases
  7. Assumptions and constraints
  8. Prioritized requirements
  9. Success metrics


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